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Why we love Xlerate Day. And why you should attend!

by Kevin Wilson on October 29th, 2018

Let me get right to it!

Xlerate Day, Canada’s first national one-day conference focused on digital and integrated fundraising, marketing and campaigning is coming to Hart House, in Toronto on November 2nd.We love this conference – because it’s full of important content and subjects you don’t hear much about at other North American fundraising gigs.

HMA is proud to sponsor Xlerate Day and promote excellence in fundraising and nonprofit marketing. I think you should consider getting tickets now before it sells out. Several of us from HMA will be there, and we’re happy to share with you our special discount code that unlocks tickets at $199 (30% off!): HMAEARLYBIRD .Here are just a few of some of the sessions we’re excited about attending:

  • Case study: running a teeny-budget digital fundraising campaign from start to finish including data-driven research, strategy and ad-buying.
  • The colonial roots of fundraising: learning how to unpack bias and ask the right questions.
  • From big data campaigning to microtargeting, and how to collect more mobile numbers: what kind of data to prioritize when creating a digital campaign plan and how to create the strategy that’s right for you.
  • Structuring departments to take an accountable, digital everywhere approach to online organizing – and genuinely communicating with our lists – to win more and bring more people into our movements.
  • Beyond #metoo: bringing an intersectional and feminist lens to the nonprofit sector.

Carefully curated by nonprofit fundraisers, marketers and agency professionals, Xlerate is a conference dedicated to digital everything: the tactics like Facebook and mobile fundraising, the strategies like how to get organizational buy-in for digital, and why culture is a critical component of digital maturity, and the frameworks, ideas and values that underpin, shape and motivate the work that we do.

It’s also dedicated to having conversations about equity, about representation and diversity, and about the role we do or can play in this sector, as individuals and organizations. Xlerate seeks to use its platform to show that conferences can value equity and diverse representation, for speakers, session content, and attendees.

What other one-day conference on digital has speakers ranging from Charly Jarrett (BC SPCA) to Fai Hassan (War Child Canada) to Alex Tom (UNHCR Canada) to Sandy Hudson (co-founder, Black Lives Matter Toronto) and Lora Loreto (writer and organizer)?

Check out the agenda here. And get your tickets here.

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