What’s your plan for Giving Tuesday?

by Ryan Garnett on October, 30th, 2020-4-12pm

In a year like no other, will Giving Tuesday be different as well? In one way, yes, as it will be the 2nd Giving Tuesday of 2020. Giving Tuesday Now took place on May 5th, as most of us were still in lockdown during the … Continue reading What’s your plan for Giving Tuesday?

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Do you know your donor retention rate?

by Ryan Garnett on February, 1st, 2016-4-12pm

Last week I was looking back at our most viewed blogs from 2015. I was surprised to see that the highest views, by far, were to a blog post that was originally posted in 2012. It was titled Do you know your donor attrition rate? … Continue reading Do you know your donor retention rate?

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Why Me?

by Harvey McKinnon on November, 24th, 2015-4-12pm

If you have teenagers (or have been one), you know the person the world revolves around. Or if by some quirk of nature your kids are model cherubs, think back to that blind date. “Enough about me,” your companion said. “Let’s talk about you. What … Continue reading Why Me?

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