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Summer Reading List

by Kevin Wilson on July 3rd, 2018

Summer is officially here. And what better way to enjoy a lazy day by the lake than with a good book?

Whether you are a long-time fundraiser looking to brush up on the latest trends, or new to the industry and working on improving your skills, this list of books compiled by Lisa Sargent is sure to have something for everyone. There are great names included such as Jerold Panas, Kivi Leroux Miller, Ken Burnett, Gail Perry, Jeff Brooks and Roger Craver, all of which will help you enhance your skills and turn you on to the latest in fundraising.

Some of our top picks (not including Harvey’s books of course):

For the full list, click here. And happy reading!

One thought on “Summer Reading List

  1. Thanks for the call out of KEEP YOUR DONORS. The only book Tom and I have written together. And given the co-author experience … as life partners… It is the ONLY book that will ever be written together!!!!!!!

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