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Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed: Leveraging Social Media to Maximize Year-End Fundraising

The Mustard Seed Calgary is an inner city mission that supports homeless people in Calgary. They help rebuild lives, by offering basic food, shelter, and clothing, along with employment support and spiritual guidance.

HMA has worked closely with The Mustard Seed on their Annual Giving Program to help retain, develop, and grow donor support.

The Challenge

The Mustard Seed was celebrating their 30-year anniversary in 2014. With increased media in Calgary around homelessness, it was a perfect opportunity for The Mustard Seed to engage as many people as possible to give a helping hand to those in need in their community during the holiday season.

The Solution

With plans already in place for an integrated Holiday Campaign including direct mail, email, an online landing page, and social media, HMA helped The Mustard Seed reach new heights with the 30 Days of Giving Hope Campaign. This initiative spanned from November 25th to December 24th and encouraged everyone in Calgary to do One Thing for someone in need. The campaign was developed to help build awareness by encouraging people to drop off urgently needed items, make a generous donation, volunteer their time, or share photos of a simple act of kindness.

In addition to direct mail, we utilized a combination of emails, infographics, and frequent Twitter and Facebook posts using the hashtag #givehopeyyc. All of these activities helped to create a buzz in the community, and encouraged people to support The Mustard Seed in any way they could.

The Results

The 30 Days of Giving Hope campaign was extremely successful both in garnering attention, and in raising money. Here are a few quick facts about the social media success of the campaign:

  • Over 2 million impressions of the #givehopeyyc hashtag.
  • More than 1,500 people retweeted or shared the message to do One Thing to help someone in need, sharing it with their own personal networks and encouraging their own friends and family to get involved.
  • Followers on Twitter and Facebook increased by more than 10%.

Most importantly, The Mustard Seed increased the awareness of homelessness in Calgary and raised lots of money to help support those in need. With the help of many generous members of the community, Christmas was a little bit brighter for many more people in 2014.

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation:
Reaching New Markets Through Integration

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation raises funds to advance patient care at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehab Centre, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, and Vancouver Community Health Services. VGH is the largest adult acute care hospital in BC and the province’s main referral centre for adults facing complex and serious medical challenges.

The Challenge

VGH’s ‘Angel’ holiday campaign first started more than a decade ago. HMA has helped build the Angel campaign over the past 7 years from a Direct Mail only campaign to a fully integrated fundraising campaign that brings in a substantial percentage of annual giving revenue for the Foundation. In 2014, the goal was to continue with the successful integration from the past few years and reach new markets that had strong donor potential.

The Solution

Knowing there are a lot of Chinese-speaking people in Metro Vancouver, HMA helped VGH develop direct response materials in both Chinese and English. A bilingual mailing pack was inserted into local Chinese newspapers in conjunction with editorial and front page coverage.

Direct Mail packs were mailed to house and prospective donors, along with emails, social media posts/advertising, a campaign microsite, and hospital signage, all with consistent imagery and messaging. The campaign culminated with a cultivation and recognition event at the hospital.

The Results

The integration in 2014 paid off as online revenue was more than double that of 2013. The Chinese prospecting pack proved to be very successful as well and helped boost overall prospecting revenue, which was 32% higher than the previous year. And with a very small spend of only $200, VGH was able to generate more than 35,000 impressions through social media advertising.

Overall, the Angel campaign brought in close to a half-million dollars for the hospitals, and 95% of the revenue received during the campaign was unrestricted, ensuring they can fulfill all of their most urgent needs.

Burnaby Hospital Foundation

Burnaby Hospital Foundation:
Multi-Channel Approach Boosts Prospecting by 60%

In the 1940s, the citizens of Burnaby had a vision of a community hospital to serve the health care needs of the city’s growing population. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers and community supporters Burnaby Hospital opened in 1952. Today, Burnaby Hospital cares for over 200,000 patients a year and has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in British Columbia.

The Challenge

To succeed amongst the mass of emails and direct mail your donors will see, you have to stand out. This is never more true than during the holiday season. Burnaby Hospital is a community hospital with a very loyal group of donors. The Foundation not only wanted to include their donors in their holiday campaign but also attract new donors using a mix of direct response channels.

The Solution

The first step was to come up with a campaign name. The word ‘care’ is mentioned again and again when talking to patients, doctors, and staff. So HMA recommended to partner ‘care’ with the heart graphic in the Foundation’s logo to call it the Caring Hearts Campaign. Direct mail packs carrying the Caring Hearts theme were sent out to house donors and prospective donors using targeted rental lists. All of the mailing packs included two Caring Hearts holiday ornaments. Donors were encouraged to keep one, and send the other back along with their gift. The ornaments that were sent back were displayed throughout the hospital during December.

The Results

This was the first year in what we hope will be an annual holiday campaign for Burnaby Hospital Foundation. In 2014, the campaign surpassed all income targets. Hundreds of new donors responded to the campaign and the prospect mailing enjoyed a 60% higher average gift than budgeted. Many donors used the ornament within the pack to display in their homes and the hospital. A great base to build upon for 2015!

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