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Youth in Philanthropy Winner

HMA celebrates Outstanding Youth In Philanthropy

HMA were delighted to sponsor the AFP Golden Horseshoe’s Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award again this year. And I was honoured to personally present it to Alex Hilson on November 16, 2017 at AFP Golden Horseshoe Chapter’s National Philanthropy Day Luncheon.

Alex is an inspiring young man and a true leader. Since his early teens he has been stepping forward and raising funds for various charities in his community. Now 23, Alex’s commitments include Big Brothers and Big Sisters Halton, Links2Care’s backpack fundraising program, the “Youth in Acton” committee of the Acton Hub team, serving on the board of Acton Food Share, and most recently, as one of three Halton Hills Canada 150 Ambassadors.

By far Alex’s greatest accomplishment is Inspire Halton – the youth group he founded in 2012 that became an incorporated nonprofit in 2015. Inspire Halton teaches youth how they can have a positive impact on their community. One way they do this is through youth-led talent shows. In only four years, they have created over 52 performance spots for youth in Halton Hills, and have raised funds for local charities that include Georgetown and Milton Hospital Foundations.

Alex also empowers youth to speak up about issues that are important to them. Last year, a member of Inspire Halton lost her battle with depression and anorexia, and died of suicide. Alex encouraged members of Inspire Halton to speak up about mental illness to help youth in the community struggling with similar issues. Alex has built relationships with countless young people, listened to their concerns, and advocated on their behalf. Ultimately, Alex inspires young people to actively take part in their community. 

In his speech, Alex reminded us to “Make time for our youth.” Thankfully, we have inspiring young people like Alex who are leading the way to encourage youth to become involved in their community.

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How Fast is Your Online Giving Really Growing?

If you’re like most charities you’re seeing growth in your online giving. How fast is it growing? 10%? 20%? Maybe 50% year over year?

No matter the figure I’m sure there are people in your organization (including probably your board, and maybe your boss) who are asking how you can better utilize online and social media channels to find more younger, millennial donors.

Simple, right? Online donations are growing, and we know that younger people tend to donate online, so if you just spend more money on digital advertising your program will grow. Won’t it?

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. That’s because we need to look at the true source of online donations. While online giving is growing for almost every organization, that’s not necessarily because of online fundraising and marketing efforts.
Here’s a few examples from our clients of why we need to look a little deeper into online revenue, before making any decisions on where to allocate resources:

  •  For one international development organization HMA discovered that 91% of their online donations, came from donors who were already being mailed as part of the direct mail program.
  • For a children’s charity, HMA found that 73% of online donations were received from donors who already existed in the direct mail program.
  • And for another national organization, HMA found that while only $12,000 had been given via the specific URL provided on the direct mail pack, an additional $190,000 was given by direct mail donors through the regular website.

So what does this mean? Most importantly, it means that to increase your online giving you need to continue to invest in direct mail, and other traditional sources of fundraising revenue. Yes, you should be sending regular e-mails. And yes, you should post regular updates to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. The more integrated the messaging across channels, the better results you will see.
But you shouldn’t re-allocate all of your resources to online just because that’s your fastest growing revenue channel. Your online donation form is used by many of your older, traditional donors because it’s convenient for them. And your older donors are also increasingly likely to be connecting with you on social media. In fact, the fastest growing group on Facebook is the 65+ age group. That group has seen a 30% increase in usage in the past year. And 62% of online adults 65+ now use Facebook.
Now, what about those millennial donors? If most of the online revenue is coming from older donors, how can you find these younger millennial donors? Well, the truth is that they’re not donors, at least not yet.
Millennials want to make an impact. They’ll be happy to share your content through social media, and participate in an event to raise money from their friends and family. But they don’t have the financial resources to make a donation to you right now.
So rather than focusing on trying to get money from this group, focus instead on engaging them in your cause. Provide them with ways to share your mission, and the impact your organization makes, with their family and friends. Most importantly – show them how their support (whether financial or not) has made an impact. Because if you’re able to engage them now, and keep them interested in your cause, they will donate to your organization in the future.
And one important note – before you spend any money or time investing in digital (or offline) fundraising make sure that your online donation page is well designed. Keep it to 12 fields or less. Ensure it works on mobile phones and tablets. Include a PayPal or Interac Debit payment option. And test it on multiple devices to ensure every donor (especially your older donors) will be able to easily complete their online donation.

Dr H Bliss Murphy logo

Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care

Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation: Year-End Online Fundraising Grows 57%

Supporters of the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation help raise funds to support the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre (in St. John’s) and its affiliate cancer programs throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. All donations stay in the province and are used to enhance regional programs close to the patient’s home; support local education and research projects; fund patient support programs and services; and acquire cancer treatment equipment.

The Challenge

In 2013, our client asked us to develop and execute their year-end email campaign.

The Solution

HMA’s team of digital experts developed a three-part email series. Our goal was to remind donors about the needs of cancer patients over the holidays. We also wanted to encourage donors to make a gift in time for their 2013 tax receipt.

The Results

The campaign was a tremendous success. HMA’s three-part email series raised 57% more revenue than the Foundation’s 2012 year-end email campaign.

A remarkable result that ensured more revenue was available to help cancer patients undergoing treatment in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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