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The Secrets of Activist Fundraising Webinar

by Harvey McKinnon on March 12th, 2018

The Secrets of Activist Fundraising:

How to raise millions and change the world

with Harvey McKinnon

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I’m writing to you today to invite you to a free webinar on activism and fundraising. And I’m hoping you’ll do me a BIG favour and send this information out to your networks (with a brief cover note to any liberal and progressive non-profit folks you are connected to). I’ve been writing and preparing this webinar series for 7 months (and 40 years!). In this time of galloping racism and authoritarianism, I’m nervous. That’s why I want to help progressive groups to raise more money and win their campaigns. Here’s the offer: Register for my Moceanic webinar, The Secrets of Activist Fundraising – How to Raise Millions AND Change the World, by Thursday, March 15th and it’s FREE.  

Register Now!

Here’s when it’s on:

First Session

New York:        3:30 pm Thursday March 15
Los Angeles:   12:30 pm Thursday March 15
London:           7:30 pm Thursday March 15
Auckland:        8:30 am Friday March 16

Second Session

New York:         7 pm Thursday March 15
Los Angeles:     4 pm Thursday March 15
Sydney:           10 am Friday March 16
Auckland:       12 Noon Friday March 16
Here’s why this is important to you: I will show you how to raise more money — a lot more money — for your progressive cause. As you know, you could do much more to make the world a better place when  your organisation has more donors and more funds!

Register by Thursday March 15 and it’s FREE.  

You have nothing to lose. But if you miss this webinar, your cause — something you care deeply about – misses the opportunity to learn how to raise more money to change the world! Here’s what attendees will discover: The Secrets of Activist Fundraising – How to Raise Millions AND Change the World
  •    How to develop the best strategy for your non-profit.
  •    3 key questions you should always ask – which can help you change the world!
  •    A Case Study: The secrets behind the award-winning campaign that I launched which helped defeat the Conservative Party of Canada. And tips on how you can use the same effective strategies for whatever group you work with.
And much, much more. I hope you’ll attend. In addition to the 90 minute session, there are lots of bonus materials to help you and your organization.

Harvey Introducing  Harvey McKinnon

  • Recognized as one of North America’s leading fundraising experts
  • Co-author of the #1 international best seller “The Power of Giving
  • Spent over 40 years in activist groups, including anti-apartheid work, AIDS advocacy, anti-gambling and anti-tobacco work, women’s rights, environmentalism and anti-poverty efforts.
  • Has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for non-profits around North America
  • He’s won awards for his:
    • Copywriting
    • Books
    • Films
    • Online political campaigns
    • Political web videos
Harvey’s landmark book on monthly giving Hidden Gold has been used as a resource by non-profits to help them raise many billions of dollars – no exaggeration

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